Passstücke (props without function) (2017)

The three-day event, (in collaboration with artist Monika Oechsler at the Project Space, Chisenhale Studios, London), began with a one-day workshop based on Franz West's concept of the 'Adaptive'.

The artist Franz West made work that invites the human touch. His Adaptives (also known as Passstücke) are objects resembling tools with no purpose; they are intended to be handled, investigated, played with and posed with. The objects are as important as the events and behaviours that they catalyse (West called this 'autotheatre').


Steed led the workshop which was attended by established practising artists who were invited to improvise their own Adaptives from the materials available. Each participating artist was photographed with some of the objects they made.

On the second day of the event, contemporary dancers, Brita Gov and Chloe Aliyanni, were directed and filmed by Oechsler as they used the objects as a catalyst for improvised performance. The final event on the third day was a display of the objects together with a screening of the filmed collaboration with the dancers.




Passstücke 2017


HD video (1080p) Pal, colour, sound

Passstücke (props without function) (2017): workshop and film production (dancers: Brita Gov and Chloe Aliyanni), Chisenhale Studios, London.