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Spatial Reality (2018)


Looped video 5'29" (cropped clip from Planeta Bur (1962)), digital projector, media player, 3D analglyph spectacles, perspex case, plinth.


Dimensions variable.

The failure of 3D cinema is inevitable as it draws attention to itself as an artifice, as fakery. Fake Art.


Commercial cinema seeks to create the suspension of disbelief – immersion in the spectacle – the submissive spectator sits in thrall to the industrial product before them – but the self consciousness of the act of wearing the glasses inhibits this immersion – the illusion is imperfect, discoloured, dimmed – leading to the production of ever more spectacular films in an attempt to drown out the inherent inadequacies of the technology.

The cinema audience self-consciously wearing identical, ill-fitting glasses with heads upturned to the screen, becomes aware that it has become the spectacle.

The illusion is further undermined as the spectator is constantly reminded of their presence in the auditorium and of the black frame that borders the flat plane of the screen.

Spatial Reality (2018). Installation: Kopfkino, The Crypt, Bristol, 2018.

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