The Impossibility of Existence (2013). Artwork created in response to the title of the exhibition 'It's Impossible in a Void'. In a void there can be no gravity no light, no existence and no perception. The concept signified by the word 'void' can only be understood by its binary opposite. A void is only given meaning by its boundaries, by fixed points of matter, by what it is not.


Constellations of suspended colour-cycling orbs hung adjacent to a mirrored wall in a dark space suggesting the appearance of planetary bodies.


30 water-filled natural latex balloons with colour-changing waterprood battery-powered LED lights, nylon tights, timber frame, mirrored wall.

Installation view. 'It's Impossible in a Void' Exhibition, Bristol, 2013.

Installation view, ambient lights on and showing detail of timber framework and mirror wall. 'It's Impossible in a Void' Exhibition, Bristol, 2013.