Tools with no purpose (2016) - part of the five day event Do with this as you will staged at Centrespace, Bristol.


The artist Franz West made work that beckons the human touch. His Adaptives are objects resembling tools with no purpose; they are intended to be handled, investigated, played with and posed with. The objects are as important as the events and behaviours that they catalyse.


Visitors to the gallery were invited to improvise their own adaptives from the materials available and then play with the objects using them as catalysts for encounters, perhaps creating ceremonies and performances individually or in groups.


The performances were filmed and photographed, creating and contributing both objects and images to the exhibition archive.


Do with this as you will aimed to explore and critique the idea of training to become an ‘artist’. An art school studio practice was mimicked within the gallery space to break down the disconnect between the fine art practice world and the viewer. 
A different artist every day, across four days improvised a ‘workshop’ in which the visitor created the art.