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assemblage of found scrap metal and wood

Also exhibited as Robot NA-147VB2 (Obsolete Model) in Crisis of Gratification, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

​In neo-liberal capitalist society, rules, regulations and institutions are stripped away. The ‘maxims are not obedience, law, and the fulfillment of obligation, but rather freedom, pleasure, and inclination [Byung-Chul Han]’. The worker becomes a self-starting entrepreneur who feels compelled to perform more and more, a hamster in a wheel, finding no end or satisfaction in their work. Symbols of achievement are sought in the accumulation and display of consumer products. But built-in obsolescence and the lure of the latest model create a narcissistic pursuit with no completion. A crisis of gratification.

​In collaboration with James Norman, the concept was changed - a type written notice was displayed alongside the sculpture encouraging visitors to play with and rearrange the components.

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